Case Studies

Case Study:

In February this year, an Innowire staff received a message on LinkedIn from a Bloom co-founder. He claimed that a journalist at Mashable has recommended our services for the very niche.

Since this was unprecedented, Rodney, Innowire PR manager reached out to the mentioned reporter and it turned out to be right. Once the relationship was established, we committed ourselves for the next 5 media hits (getting featured or mentioned in top-tier publications in the tech industry). In the first week, we received a positive answer from Nik Milanovic from TechCrunch. It took a good month but the article was published after a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, Bloom didn’t sit idle. Once some news broke about more damage that was done to Equifax clients nationwide, Bloom’s co-founder called Innowire and reported about their record-high sign ups that was the result of people distancing themselves from centralized and unsafe solutions. Innowire contacted its sources and at the very same day, VentureBeat published the story.

One month later, we featured Bloom in a PC Mag article about why Google is embracing blockchain technology. In May, there was another hit for the company in question; this time, it was Forbes.

As our latest collaboration, Bloom’s founders came up with a requirement and sharing the press release for Argo, another successful partner of their network. Argo was going to announce its IPO in the London Stock Exchange and the story was already picked up by Financial Times and Business Insider. Even though, we did our best and added Cointelegraph to the list the day after the request came in. The relationship turned out to be fruitful and will be for the time to come.

Case Study: Matchpool GmbH

One of our happy clients recommended our services to Matchpool, an Israeli blockchain startup. We did the arrangements and the contract was signed in a week. We managed to get Matchpool in TechCrunch, Futurism, TheNextWeb, International Business Times, Business Insider and Mashable.

Once Matchpool asked for help for an internal issue, we connected them to another PR firm that had more experience in damage control and our bond towards the client and the peer just got deepened.

Matchpool has recommended many new leads and clients and remains of the most loyal clients to Innowire Inc.

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