How We Do It

Innowire uses Artificial Intelligence for constantly monitoring trending news topics and social media to predict which journalists are most likely to write about subjects that meet our clients’ domains.


With a daily updated database of 17K+ reporters, our system finds unbelievable opportunities.

AI Gives Us An Edge

You will be seen

Our AI helps us write personalized emails to individual reporters, considering the reporter’s writing history.

Combined with a decent network Innowire Inc has built over the years, this gives us a unique position in helping our clients to draw the attention they deserve.

Relevant pitches

Reporters hate irrelevant pitches, and they ignore anything that looks like mass emails. Innowire AI system carefully picks the best prospects and tailors the message to them.

It also considers the best time to pitch journalists, to make sure our message is read. Even then, the message is reviewed and adjusted and sent by our PR professionals.

Personalized messages

Journalists have their own do’s and don’ts. Some prefer comprehensive pitches to skip overdue back and forth, while others need it to be as consice as possible.

Innowire automates this task, sending each journalist the pitch they prefer to read. Even the follow up system is automatic, to make sure our messages are on time and do not look like spam.

We love technology

Starting a career with blockchain startups even before “crypto” was trending, we helped several projects gain attention in the media. As our services and our clients expanded, we formed Innowire to support the growing needs of our clients and take media coverage to the next level with our AI technology.


5G is the new foundation of each online business for the next years to come. Innowire has a solid dedication to explore and support 5G startups and companies and put their initiatives in front of the right set of eyes.

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Meet the Crew

Behr Borhani

Behr's expertise lies in start-up development, focusing on the initial launch stages and strategical development to take new companies to the next level. He leverages an array of digital marketing approaches in order to raise targeted awareness among relevant consumer bases

Content Strategist
Haldi Doug

Our Chief Content Strategist who is best aware of emerging tech trends and what to look out for

PR Manager
Rodney Goedhart

PR Manager with a strong network and great relationships.

What Our Clients Say

What We Offer

Innowire is the missing link between you and the mainstream acceptance of your solution

Media Engagement

Featuring in top tier websites (more than 10 M reader base), getting you in the news for every major development

Increase Awareness

Getting your professional quotes for imminent tech trends, connecting you to tech reporters and build relationships

Network Effect

Connecting you to thought leaders in the tech industry that bring trust to your brand, and technical experts to make your solution bullet-proof

Bringing Results

Connecting to former reporters and media experts that help you build up your image and make your solution mainstream

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Our Services

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Top tier
Get featured in Business Insider, PCMag, TechCrunch, Forbes and others
Rapid brand awareness in top publications
No retainer fees
Only performance based
100 Charged per successful post
Medium tier
Get featured in Hackernoon, Coincentral, Bitcoin Magazine and others
Gradually build up brand awareness
No retainer fees
Only performance based
100 Charged per successful post

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