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PR Services

Our PR services are different. With us, PR is not about “marketing” – it’s about forming relationships and building out your network.

Innowire targets only top-tier media. We never pay journalists for our stories. We feature you by making you news-worthy.

Specifically, we do the following for you:

  • Publish your quotes or interviews about trending topics
  • Publish articles about your company services
  • Ghost-writing for your CEOs and publishing

Unique Pricing Model

Pay only after the article is published.

No retainer fees. No false promises.

Connecting to Investors and High Stake Advisors

Over the years, we have built a professional network of reliable investors and high stake advisors. We will expand your network and connect you to the people you need to get the most exposure for what you do, as well as the funds to do what you need.

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Marketing Advisory

Our Marketing Advisory package includes:

Researching Your Clients

We find out who they are, where they are and what are their dreams, nightmares and pain-points. We figure out how they talk about their problems, and what their miracle scenario is. We will also detect their objections so you can answer them in advance.
This allows you to talk your client’s language and have a sales process that is smooth and friction-free. They’ll instantly know you are the right choice.

Researching Your Competition

We find out who your competitors are, how they advertise and where they advertise. We’ll reveal their marketing strategy and identify hot keywords for your business.
This allows you to see what works and what does not, based on what others are doing in the same industry. It allows you to find your unique angle so you better stand out.

Branding and Core Story

You have a great product and a problem solver – but the way you market it is key. Customers must see how you stand out, but also what you stand for. Customers love to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and we’ll help you convey this message to them.
We will work on your branding and will craft your Unique Selling Proposition and your Unique Value Proposition. This will make your content inspirational, and you can become their “reachable hero”.
We will also work on your “bigger contribution” – what change you are making in people’s daily lives.

Social Media Activity and Trend Tracking

We will promote and spread the word about your brand, while keeping eyes on trending topics – these would allow us to relate your story to hot topics of the day and get the buzz we need. We can also help you with your Facebook and Google Adwords optimization and marketing.

Traffic Tracking

We will analyze how our strategy is paying off, and correct it accordingly. Marketing is a process – not a one-time job. As the environment evolves, so must our marketing tactics.

Product Launch

We will help you with your product launch (ICO) and create the right hype around it to help you reach our goals.

Marketing Advisory Package

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On-Site SEO and Content Strategy

We increase the quality of your website content to make it more valuable for search engines. Good content brings new inbound visitors and creates a trust for leads and prospects that connect to you organically.

Under this package, we offer:

  • Web copy
  • Keyword research
  • Editorial calendar
  • Blogging
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Whitepaper and Lightpaper Development

We prepare whitepapers and lightpapers that are simple to understand and attractive for investors, clients and staff, while also offering great technical insight.

We know what makes a reliable whitepaper, and what makes it fail.

We can either write a whitepaper for you or proof-read and correct your existing ones.

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