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Innowire Advisory positions itself uniquely as a tech-focused PR company whose staff are public relations specialists with a firm background in programming and development. We are more tech-savvy than the average PR person, which helps us understand our clients better, as well as simplify and explain the same to our contacts and reporters.


Innowire was originally known as Comelite PR, founded in 2017 as a subsidiary branch of Comelite. As the branch gained success and grew, Innowire Advisory was born as an independent company on January 3rd, 2018.

Meet the Crew

Behr Borhani

Behr's expertise lies in start-up development, focusing on the initial launch stages and strategical development to take new companies to the next level. He leverages an array of digital marketing approaches in order to raise targeted awareness among relevant consumer bases

Content Strategist
Haldi Doug

Our Chief Content Strategist who is best aware of emerging tech trends and what to look out for

PR Manager
Rodney Goedhart

PR Manager with a strong network and great relationships.

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