How artificial intelligence is transforming education

Artificial intelligence may sound like something out of a sci-fi flick, but this technology is already achieving radical results in a range of industries. Education, in particular, is quickly being disrupted by AI. From helping children with learning disabilities to personalizing learning, here are some examples of how AI is being used in schools.

Personalizing course

Tailoring courses to suit the needs of every student can be a challenge for teachers in conventional education systems. But AI could change that, as London-based tech company Century is certainly proving. It’s developed a learning platform for schools, colleges and universities that understands how an individual learns best and creates constantly adapting learning pathways through the use of learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience. According to Century, this improves student performance by up to 30%.

Swedish edtech firm Sana Labs is also showing how AI can enable a more personalized learning experience for students. Its edtech platform, Sana Learn, measures students’ answers and response times to work out the things they know and how they learn best. Using this information, the platform can generate assignments and questions. The firm claims to save 6 hours a week for teachers.

Marking exams

In the distant future, the software could reduce the workload of teachers by marking exams and essays. American tech firm Measurement Incorporated has developed an AI system that can automatically score both summative and formative assessments. Utilized by 1,000 schools and 3,000 public libraries, Project Essay Grade analyzes writing characteristics such as fluency, diction, grammar and construction to work out quick and reliable scores. MI says the tool “achieves results that are comparable to the human scorers in terms of reliability and validity”. 

Improving safety

AI could also be used to improve pastoral care in schools. According to a report by Sky News, the UK’s Academies Enterprise Trust has joined 150 other schools in trialing software that identifies cases of bullying, mental health, drug abuse and eating disorders.

Over the coming weeks, around 50,000 pupils will be quizzed by the psychological test. They’ll answer questions such as “how easy is it for someone to come into your space” by clicking buttons saying “very easy” or “very difficult”. The results will then be shared with Steer, which created the app, so it can compare them with a psychological chart and warn teachers about vulnerable students.

Identifying Dyslexia students

It’s estimated that 700 million children and adults have dyslexia, a learning difficulty that affects how someone reads, writes and spells. Research shows that 90% of Dyslexic children can be taught in regular classrooms if teachers identify signs of this condition.

While understanding is improving, AI could aid the diagnosis process. Researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology’s Laboratory of Clinical Neurophysiology used machine learning to distinguish dyslexic from skilled readers. They claim that “no human intervention is needed in the analysis process”.

Improving accessibility

For many, education is simply a dream. But the use of AI in education could improve accessibility for millions of people around the globe. Microsoft, for instance, offers a free plug-in that adds subtitles and translates text in PowerPoint presentations. This means people who speak a different language or have a hearing impairment can participate in classes. 

While artificial intelligence is still an evolving technology, it’s already having an enormous impact on the lives of so many. In education, this technology is not only making learning personal and immersive but also accessible. For teachers, AI is freeing up time by automating administrative tasks. There’s no doubt we’ll continue to see more exciting advancements come to fruition over the coming years.




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