Venbex - Case Studies


The Canadian Vanbex company has a sister company called Etherparty which is focused on making smart contracts accessible to all. Their main product is Rocket, which allows anyone to create their own token sale (ICO) without any coding knowledge. Rocket 2.0 will support STOs, one of the primary trends in 2019.

We got connected to Vanbex when our AI system detected an opportunity regarding smart contracts, and Ehterparty had a unique angle to share which the reporter welcomed as well. Since then, we’ve managed to place numerous articles for Etherparty, effectively positioning them as a thought leader in their industry.

Vanbex also had ties to China, which put them in an ideal position for articles in need for expert opinion from people with experience in that region.

David Niki

CMO at Innowire Advisory, helping #blockchain , #ai and #technology companies with their marketing and PR

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