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Outreach to the widest audience

Tier 1 Publications

Outlets with more than 50 million of monthly readers as of August 2019. Reuters, AFP and AP’s website traffic are not considered due to their position as the main source to all international news agencies and publications (print and online).

BBC- 377.33M
Bloomberg- 63.12M
Business Insider- 182.21M
BuzzFeed- 129.88M
CNBC- 106.91M
CNET- 104.96M
CNN- 61.94M
Express (UK)- 161.60M

Forbes- 100.50M
Foxnews- 366.72M
Gizmodo- 62.77M
Guardian- 262.59M
Huffington Post- 107.85M 114.66M
MarketWatch- 66.74M
Mirror (UK)- 107.56M
New York Post- 105.69M
New York Times- 238.79M

NPR- 65.73M
Reuters- 53.52M
The Independent- 97.57M
The Telegraph- 72.77M
USA Today- 134.72M
Vice Motherboard- 54.08M
Wall Street Journal- 59.01M
Washington Post- 134.61M
Yahoo Finance- 162.63M

Tier 2 Publications

Outlets with between 50- 10 million of monthly readers as of August 2019. The list includes major state publications as well as other international outlets with a technical niche.

CCN – 3.08M
Coindesk- 6.02M
Cointelegraph- 6.54M
Consumerist- 18.40M
Daily Star (UK)-23.82M
DailyBeast- 43.02M
DailyDot- 11.76M
Digital Trends- 23.74M
Engadget- 32.10M
Entrepreneur- 12.70M
FastCompany- 12.01M
Financial Times- 19.66M
Globe & Mail – 14M

Inc Magazine- 24.67M
Los Angeles Times- 37.66M
Mashable- 19.24M
Miami Herald- 11.77M
Newsweek- 33.60M
PCMag- 17.86M
Quartz- 14.77M
Recode- 33.35M
Slate- 28.37M
TechCrunch- 17.27M
TechRadar- 43.09M
TechTarget- 8.60M

The Economist- 10.07M
The Star-18.62M
The Verge- 39.18M
Time Magazine- 25.65M
Times UK- 19.04M
VentureBeat- 3.61M 33.35M
Vulture- 15.37M
Washington Examiner- 23.62M
Washington Times- 7.65M
Wired- 17.62M
ZDNet- 11.70M

Tier 3 Publications

Outlets with between 10- 1 million of monthly readers as of August 2019. The list includes local news in the US/Canada as well as smaller technology outlets.

Advertising Age- 1.24M
Adweek- 3.12M
Allentown Morning Call- 1.79M
Arkansas Democrat Gazette- 1.27M
Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)- 10.26M
Austin American Statesman- 2.06M
Axios- 6.69M
Baltimore Sun- 5.47M
Boston Globe – 9.06M
Boston Herald- 1.87M
Buffalo News- 2.84M
Buffersocial- 4.93M
Charlotte Observer- 3.87M
Chicago Sun Times- 5.41M
Chicago Tribune- 1.03M
Christian Science Monitor- 1.13M
Chronicle of Higher Education- 2.72M
Cincinnati Enquirer -3.61M
Cleveland Plain Dealer -10.47M
Columbus Dispatch – 2.07M
Commercial Appeal – 1.11M
Daily Herald- 1.83M
Dallas Morning News- 10.53M
Dayton Daily News- 2.86M
Denver Post- 5.89M
Detroit News- 6.73M
Fort Worth Star-Telegram- 2.06M
Fortune- 4.69M
Fresno Bee- 1.18M
Futurism- 3.84M
Grand Rapids Press- 10.67M
Hacker News- 13.46M
Hartford Courant- 1.56M

Honolulu Star Advertiser- 3.45M
Houston Chronicle- 29.51M
HubSpot Blog- 9.72M
Indianapolis Star- 3.25M
International Business Times- 6.35M
Investor’s Business Daily- 7.01M
Journal News- 1.41M
Kansas City Star- 3.98M
Knoxville News-Sentinel- 1.50M
Las Vegas Review Journal- 2.55M
Lexington Herald Leader- 1.48M
Louisville Courier Journal- 2.54M
Market Insider-9M
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel- 4.16M
Money- 2.11m
Muse- 7.64M
NerdWallet Credit Card Blog- 17.36M
News and Observer- 2.94M
News Journal/ Delaware Online- 1.11M
Newsday- 3.83M
Northwest Indiana Times- 1.81M
Observer (UK)- 2.34M
Orange County Register- 3.52M
Orlando Sentinel- 7.91M
Pacific Standard- 1.25M
Philadelphia Inquirer- 7.44M
Pioneer Press- 2.13M
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- 4.61M
Post and Courier- 1.65M
Post Standard- 4.72M
Providence Journal- 1.75M
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle- 1.70M

Sacramento Bee- 3.39M
San Antonio Express News- 2.85M
San Diego Union Tribune- 2.26M
San Francisco Gate- 36.13M
San Jose Mercury News- 10.44M
Seattle Times- 9.36M
South Florida Sun Sentinel-7.96M
Spokesman Review- 1.67M
St. Louis Post Dispatch- 6.56M
Star Ledger- 15.59M
Star Tribune- 9.19M
Tacoma News Tribune- 1.01M
Tampa Bay Times- 4.90M
Tech in Asia- 1.52M
Techopedia- 4.26M
TechRepublic- 7.03M
Telegram and Gazette-1.21M
The Grio- 1.52M
The Moz Blog- 3.09M
The Nation- 2.29M
The Oklahoman- 2.30M
The Record (North New Jersey)- 1.81M
The Root- 11.82M
The State- 2.17m
The Street- 5.57M
The Tennessean- 3.00M
Times Dispatch- 1.91M
Times Picayune- 6.10M
Toledo Blade- 1.14M
Tulsa World- 1.29M
Virginian-Pilot- 1.48M
West Palm Beach Post- 2.96M

Tier 4 Publications

Outlets with less than 1 million of monthly readers as of August 2019. The list includes local outlets in the US/Canada as well as middle tier technology outlets.

Akron Beacon Journal- 700K
Albuquerque Journal- 900K
Andrew Chen’s Essays- 66.07K
Arizona Republic- 700K
AVC- 127.00K
Chronicle of Philanthropy- 143.52K
Colorlines – 180.24K
ComputerWeek- 635.91K
Contently’s The Content Strategist- 242.43K
Copyblogger Blog- 588.45K

Financial Magnates- 193.92K
Florida Times-Union- 730.48K
Get Rich Slowly- 350.73K
Gigaom- 277.74K
GrowthHackers- 205.09K
Guy Kawasaki’s Blog- 54.18K
IEEE Spectrum- 810.30K
New York Daily News- 844.30K
News Journal (Daytona Beach)- 754.81K
NullTX (The Merkle)- 166.33K

Quick Sprout- 622.81K
ReadWrite- 290.16K
Riverside Press Enterprise- 909.88k
Salt Lake City Tribune- 64.29k
Sarasota Herald Tribune- 856.54k
Seth’s Blog- 309.88K
Undark- 324.48K
Verdict UK- 200K
Vero’s Blog- 129.13K

Our Standards

We understand that PR and consulting for the tech industry has been suffering from a bad reputation and misused in many ways. This is why we decided to learn from the common mistakes and build up something different. We believe there is a way to do it right:
  • We work performance based. Unlike many PRs, we don’t ask for retainer fees, nor any upfront investment. We only ask for a compensation once we do something and the client can see the verifiable results. Our guarantee is our good performance, credit and network.
  • We invest in long-term relationships. We communicate with industry thought leaders, editors and journalists, advisors and tech people at any level of the organization’s hierarchy. We strongly believe that you never can waste time, when working with other people. You can always learn and you are always building the relationships. These are the necessary footstones of a large building called success.
  • We do not recognize a thing called “competition.” It’s because we are imperfect. There’s always something you can’t do and where your peer is better than you. Thus, we only see partners and potential partners. Whether you can ask someone for help or you can help someone out. It’s just a matter time when there’s a need where you need to reach out. Yes, we help other advisory agencies and yes we work with other PRs when they have a hard time to deliver what they promised their clients.

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