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Our Standards

We understand that PR and consulting for the tech industry has been suffering from a bad reputation and misused in many ways. This is why we decided to learn from the common mistakes and build up something different. We believe there is a way to do it right:
  • We work performance based. Unlike many PRs, we don’t ask for retainer fees, nor any upfront investment. We only ask for a compensation once we do something and the client can see the verifiable results. Our guarantee is our good performance, credit and network.
  • We invest in long-term relationships. We communicate with industry thought leaders, editors and journalists, advisors and tech people at any level of the organization’s hierarchy. We strongly believe that you never can waste time, when working with other people. You can always learn and you are always building the relationships. These are the necessary footstones of a large building called success.
  • We do not recognize a thing called “competition.” It’s because we are imperfect. There’s always something you can’t do and where your peer is better than you. Thus, we only see partners and potential partners. Whether you can ask someone for help or you can help someone out. It’s just a matter time when there’s a need where you need to reach out. Yes, we help other advisory agencies and yes we work with other PRs when they have a hard time to deliver what they promised their clients.

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