Innowire’s Referral Program

Give everyone the chance to be heard

Earn 10% on every article we publish

Innowire relies on its innovative AI and exceptional network to score media hits in top-tier and mid-tier outlets.

But there are many great projects that are still unheard of, and together we could change that.

Innowire not only has an exceptional AI system but also a risk-free working method: we only charge based on success, and we give you full control over which outlets and which articles to target.

We offer a chance to see the benefits of getting credibility and visibility from top-tier outlets.

Applying for our program

  1. Send an introduction email, connecting us to your client and recommending our services.
  2. Once we get a contract in place, we will send you our contract and ask for your payment details
  3. As soon as we publish an article, we will pay you accordingly

Want to know more?

Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help.