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The Problem

Becoming an entrepreneur is becoming the way of the future for people everywhere.

However, underestimating the process to profitability is more difficult than many expect, filled with an abundance of sleepless nights and tireless effort. As a result, too many companies never make it out of the burn rate zone.

The Path

We want to make this process as easy and efficient as possible. We provide a comprehensive package to get awareness for your business, through a broad network of journalists, advisors, and influencers.

Our full-scale PR program is built with early-stage companies in mind, leveraging our experience, network, and dedication as key elements to build your success.

The Goal

Founders/CEOs face hundreds of unknown and uncertain challenges along the way. Having the right people by your side is crucial to overcoming these hurdles, and moving forward with the confidence that you have experienced and dedicated people with you at each step.

Our team works tirelessly to aid you along the decision-making process, and provide solutions to any issue that may arise.

You have the tech. We have the network to connect the dots

Rising By Lifting Others

Our priority is to bring you value. After becoming qualified with our team of experts, consider us your partners, not just service providers. We work with your team, under your standards, and your ideas, to promote the success and growth of your business. We succeed, when you succeed.

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Meet the Crew

Behr Borhani

Behr's expertise lies in start-up development, focusing on the initial launch stages and strategical development to take new companies to the next level. He leverages an array of digital marketing approaches in order to raise targeted awareness among relevant consumer bases

Amir Emadi

A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in converting PR and marketing efforts into revenue-generating results

Content Strategist
Haldi Doug

Our Chief Content Strategist who is best aware of emerging tech trends and what to look out for

PR Manager
Rodney Goedhart

PR Manager with a strong network and great relationships.

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What We Offer

Innowire is the missing link between you and the mainstream acceptance of your solution

Media Engagement

Featuring in top tier websites (more than 10 M reader base), getting you in the news for every major development

Increase Awareness

Getting your professional quotes for imminent tech trends, connecting you to tech reporters and build relationships

Network Effect

Connecting you to thought leaders in the tech industry that bring trust to your brand, and technical experts to make your solution bullet-proof

Bringing Results

Connecting to former reporters and media experts that help you build up your image and make your solution mainstream

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Who Do We Work With?

Our strength and primary focus is on tech firms, those who can be defined as providing emerging technologies. Starting as a PR agency and solely working with blockchain companies, we have helped numerous clients with their fundraising, ICOs or getting to top authority media.


Having a strong network, we have even been able to assist our clients in areas we don’t focus on, such as damage control.

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Innowire will help you jump-start. We have helped numerous clients with their fundraising, ICOs or getting to top authority media.


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