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How PR can help wearable tech companies

The golden age of wearable technology is just beginning, and people around the world are excited about how new devices can improve their health, track their daily activities, and keep their kids safe, among many other exciting innovations. If you are in the wearable industry, it’s important to build the right message and broadcast it out to the right audience.

With so many wearables to choose from, your marketing strategy has to go beyond social media advertising. Real success in this industry requires a multi-pronged marketing approach that includes a concerted public relations effort. Success with the media could be all it takes to vault your wearables company to the next level.

Anyone can buy an ad or post on social media

The barrier to entry for advertising is very low. If you have the cash or a working credit card, you can open advertising accounts with every major search engine and social media platform and have your ads in front of users within hours. But if you can do it this easily, so can anyone else.

Social media and online advertising have grown to be one of the biggest advertising focuses for all types of businesses. Online advertising can work when employed well. Using a combination of tools like ad targeting and user retargeting, you can build strong brand recognition with some people browsing their online feeds or reading online news.

But that may not be enough to drive sales. Many recognized brands have failed due to poor marketing strategies that didn’t build trust or convert browsers into customers.

You can’t pay for a feature on prestigious media outlets

What’s worth more than a thousand social media ads combined? One great feature in a major news outlet. And that’s something you can’t just pay for. It takes relationships and a consistent effort to make your way onto the big stage of major media coverage.

When working with the guidance of an experienced PR consulting agency, you can skip the line and get right in front of the most influential journalists and producers. By connecting with the writers and producers that create news stories, a PR advising agency can position you to get on the front page or morning news.

This is coverage that the big media outlets don’t sell. And because it is “earned” media, consumers are more likely to trust what they see in the news than an advertisement. Newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, and online news coverage is often the best way to build credibility for your brand and get your product into customers’ hands.

Media coverage leads to serious credibility

Getting valuable media coverage requires more than a carpet-bombing campaign of press releases on journalists who have never heard of your brand. Like finding a new job or parts supplier, networking and relationships is the key to success.

Readers, watchers, and listeners build up a great deal of trust in favorite media outlets. Even in an age where political news draws controversy, straightforward technology reporting has not lost its gusto. And with the world’s information just a moment away from people’s smartphones and computer screens, getting coverage from a reputable source could land your product on page one of search results.

A good example of earned media from a brand you likely already know is Coca-Cola. When they put people’s names on bottles and cans a few years ago, it led to news coverage and countless organic social media shares. Smaller companies can use similar, clever strategies. If you’re not sure where to start, a PR consultant is an excellent resource.

Other great strategies to earn coverage include publishing valuable studies or data sets, creating fun and informative infographics, and simply reaching out to relevant reporters at the right moment to lend your expertise as a source for a timely story. There’s no limit to the creative combinations that can land your company a prime spot in an upcoming story.

Boost your wearable brand with a solid PR strategy

If you created a product that people will wear or carry with them every day, it takes more than a single online or TV ad to get most people to buy. Advertising should work in cadence with your public relations strategy to get the best possible results.

The work doesn’t end when the story goes live. A PR consultant can guide you through the steps to set up the right followup advertising campaign and capitalize on the opportunity. No matter how your wearable works, it can’t make a difference if people aren’t wearing it. With a good public relations strategy, you can turn that wearable dream into a reality.




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