Lunit-Case Study


Lunit is focused on AI for healthcare and been covered in the likes of VentureBeat and ZDNet, but they needed a boost with their PR outreach.

After they joined Innowire, we worked on bringing out the best in them. Lunit was an excellent case where a good story was buried under technical and professional medical jargon, which needed simplification for the general public to understand.

Soon we achieved statistics and comparisons about their breakthroughs and achievements, and the press started paying attention.

For their work in breast cancer, we managed to explain how many people this would affect and why it matters. For their study on using AI in evaluating cancer treatment results, we managed to find the angles reporters paid attention to.

Within a short span, we got them in Forbes and The Next Web, and Newsweek.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Lunit started directing its AI to manage the virus. We needed to get the word out, as AI could be of great assistance to hospitals that needed to triage patients. This time we managed to drive attention from BBC, MIT Tech Review, and IEEE Spectrum.

The campaign is still active and we expect to add many more outlets to that list. Stay tuned!

David Niki

CMO at Innowire Advisory, helping #blockchain , #ai and #technology companies with their marketing and PR

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