How To Write Emails That Get Read

Like many of you, I use to get a lot of emails and I’ve developed a skill for pressing the “delete” button for anything I find promotional. But curiously, there are people who write long promotional emails, and I find myself reading all of them!

I even remember what they say and talk about them with my friends.

They use a secret sauce: storytelling.

Storytelling is considered one of the biggest business skills in the next five years, and I definitely recommend that as part of your marketing strategy. It has helped me close deals and win new clients.

Now there are a lot of great content out there that gets you going, which I will share with you here. Especially, this piece from Neil Patel does a great job.

But here, I intend to go through what those pieces have not covered, especially if you are reaching out to someone for the first time. Whether a client or a reporter, your chances will increase if you take the following steps:

1- Research your target. Knowing who they are is important to tell them a relevant story.

2- Established a relationship. Back to the example about the promotional emails, the senders had already connected with me on LinkedIn, or I had read an article about them. You can’t just shoot a cold email with a story to a perfect stranger and expect them to read it

3- Write a personal email. It is hard to personalize every email you send, so some people just replace the first name in order to fake a personal message. We are used to seeing through that, so it does not work most of the times.

Instead, take the extra time to learn about your targets and send something specifically for them. That way, they’ll know the email is truly theirs, and not something irrelevant someone just threw at them.



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