How To Make News Out Of Thin Air

Getting media coverage is always lucrative; it brings credibility, audience and eventually, sales. But journalists don’t care if you exist: you must have something relevant for their audience. And every pitch needs to answer the central question: why now?

For that reason, one of the best times to pitch reporters is when you have an announcement or press release. But what if you don’t have any developments? How would you get media traction then?

The following tips will help you “make the news” – without any press release or significant development.


The first step is to brainstorm and figure out all the ways your company can be presented. The founders may have a clear picture of what their product does, but that view needs to be shared with the PR team. Also, always consider that you are facing competition for coverage, so it is important to highlight why the media should prefer you over other competitors. Start by answering the following questions:

  1. What is special about your project?
  2. What problems is the project addressing?
  3. What topics would you like to talk about? What are you a thought-leader in? (this would be helpful for contributing when reporters are seeking expert sources)
  4. How much funds have you raised? (some outlets pay a lot of attention when big sums are involved, for instance TechCrunch)
  5. Who are your competitors? And how are you better than them? (this would show how different you are)
  6. What are the secrets in your industry that no one wants to talk about? (it will be hard to talk about this, but finding the correct topic would give you a very lucrative story for journalists)

Listen for coverage opportunities

If you don’t have anything newsy, a great shortcut is to look for when reporters are looking for experts to comment on their stories. You have identified where your strength lies during the “preparation” phase; now you only need to find the relevant opportunities. This article lists a few free and paid tools that let you find them.

Make the news

It might not be evident, but every business has unique insight and data that only they know about. Use the findings in the “preparation” phase and see what you can offer that would make you newsworthy.

  • How has your company grown, compared to the competitors?
  • How is your product being used?
  • What do the numbers tell us about the usage trends and the demographics?

Listen for events

It’s also called “anticipating the news.” For instance, when Trump signed the “American A.I. Initiative” order, it became an opportunity for Chinese AI companies to rob the spotlight since China is actively engaged in AI and rivaling with the U.S.

If you are able to offer expert commentary on the subject from a unique angle, it could bring you coverage. Cybersecurity companies particularly use this whenever there is news about breaches – and unfortunately, there are a lot of such opportunities.



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