5 Tools For Getting Free Coverage Without Using A PR

PR is built on relationships, knowing the reporters in person and knowing what they would like to cover. But hiring a PR company can be expensive. If you can’t afford one, here are some of the tools and services you can use to connect directly to reporters when they are asking for people to help them with their stories.

I’m listing some of the tools that help you do just that. They are listed in no specific order. Be sure to read the guide at the bottom on how to reach out to them most efficiently too.

1. HARO (Help A Reporter Out):

This is a free tool. Inquiries range from Wall Street Journal and Forbes to Fupping and Bustle. The only limit for any outlets to be listed is that they must have at most 1M Alexa ranking. There are many inquiries on HARO on a daily basis, so this should definitely be one of your sources to watch.

2. Response Source

The service costs over $1500 for one category for a year, but they offer 7 days trial. The service also has a media list of reporters. In my experience, this was among the expensive ones. It is mostly focused on UK outlets, but that means some of the biggest outlets like Financial Times and the Guardian.

3. Press Plugs

Offers 14 days free trial. The interface is simple, and really good opportunities land here. The outlets range from BBC and Reuters to Verdict and Daily Mail. The staff is very active on twitter and they constantly expand the opportunities.

4. Qwoted

There are fewer opportunities listed here than the other three, but it is a free service. Also, it offers events and other media-related topics you could follow to anticipate stories and secure coverage. In my estimate, they are a growing service. Opportunities range from Reuters to USA Today.

5. Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable and often overlooked source. Many reporters tend to ask for comments and insight here. Be sure to follow the #prrequest and #journorequest hashtags, but that does not guarantee you’ll get all of it. You would need a social monitoring tool for the best performance.

Once you found a relevant opportunity, use this guide to secure a placement: 16 Tips to Stand Out In Comment Requests



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